4.Kyoto University International Students Housing Guarantor System

The Kyoto University International Students’ Housing Guaranty System was abolished on January 31, 2017.

Kyoto University cannot act as joint guarantor for housing lease agreements after February 1, 2017. If it is difficult to find a joint guarantor, please ask a real estate agency if a private guaranty company is available. Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan was also abolished at the same time. We strongly recommend that International students should enroll in Kyoto University Co-op’s Fire Mutual Insurance and Personal Liability Insurance for Student (Gakubai) in preparation for the fire/water leakage and the injury to the third party in daily life when they rent the apartment if the real estate agency or house owner accepts.

  • University Co-op’s Fire Mutual Insurance
    • Cover when fire or water leakage accident is happened due to the negligence of the policy holder, and the holder is claimed for the damages by the house/land owner.
    • Cover the damage of the household properties of the policyholder due to wind, flood, fire, lightning etc
    • Cover when the household properties in rented room are stolen, damaged or soiled.
  • Personal Liability Insurance for Students (Gakubai)
    • Hit and insured a pedestrian with a bicycle.
    • Broke the things the third party possesses.

Inquiry: Kyoto University Co-op in Yoshida, Uji and Katsura campus
ref.:University Co-op’s Student Mutual Benefit

To the international students using Kyoto University Guarantor System currently

Kyoto University will continue to act as guarantor for the duration of current lease agreements. However, when you renew the lease contract or move to another apartment after February 1, 2017, it will not be possible to use this housing guaranty system. We therefore recommend that all students confirm their current lease agreement and its insurance conditions.


Please note that, in the following cases, you are required to contact us immediately to complete the necessary procedures at the International Service Office.

  • When you take a leave of absence from the university.
  • When you graduate, complete a program and/or withdraw from the university.
  • When you renew your “Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for foreign students studying in Japan.” This should be completed before the expiration date.
  • When renewing the lease contract of your residence.
  • When cancelling the lease contract of your residence.
  • When there has been a change in the terms. Bring us your lease contract.
  • When there is a fire/water leak or other such problem.
  • When you have been involved in an accident and/or caused injury to another person.
  • When there is a change in address. Come in to register the details with us.

Refund of Insurance Fees

Insurance fees may be returned in some cases where the policy holder must move out and cancel their (Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for foreign students studying in Japan) contract. Bring your rental agreement, insurance paper and bank book (Japan Post [Yu-cho] Bank also accepted) to the International Service Office when receiving the refund. The procedure will take approximately 3 months to process.