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Housing Information near Katsura Campus

This page provides information about real estate agencies and other organizations that offer regular rental accommodations near Kyoto University Katsura Campus.
The English or Chinese speaking staff is available.
Please send the apartment inquiry form to the agencies directly by e-mail to inquire about the availability of accommodation, or with any other inquiries.
Also, Kyoto University Housing Guidebook will be helpful to you when finding accommodations.

Please Note:
The contents of the agency and organization websites are subject to change without notice.
Please confirm the terms conditions carefully when selecting accommodation and before signing a lease.

Real Estate AgenciesInquiry/E-mailURL
Choei Global Deskglobal-desk@choei-net.ne.jphttps://www.kk-choei.co.jp/global/ku.html
※Please narrow down the area to Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto City.
Furniture, household appliances, and bedding are provided.
Short-term accommodation
Sakura Co., Ltd.happyhome@a-sakura.co.jphttp://sakurarent.jp/en/publics/index/216/
Kowa Co.,Ltd.kowa.at.rent@gmail.comhttps://kuiso.oc.kyoto-u.ac.jp/housing/kowa/ko
Housing of Katagihara
(Kyoto Public Housing Supply Cooperation)
Kyoto University International Service Office