The Online Application System for Certificate of Eligibility

Foreign nationals who wish to enter Japan must first obtain an appropriate visa. The type of visa required depends on the holder’s status of residence, which is determined according to the holder’s activities while in Japan. When applying for a visa, it is highly recommended to obtain the required Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) issued by the Immigration Services Agency of Japan in advance (excluding persons who only intend to stay for a short period of time).

anchor1 Types of Residence Status that can be applied for through KUISO

The Kyoto University International Service Office (KUISO) can act as a proxy for CoE applications for the following types of residence status: “Professor,” “Cultural Activities,” “Student,” and “Dependent.” You can confirm which type of residence status you require here.

anchor2 Proxy Application for a Certificate of Eligibility

The procedures for a proxy application for a Certificate of Eligibility are detailed below.

3 months prior to arrival
The host professor or other appropriate staff member requests KUISO to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility on behalf of the applicant.
The host professor or other appropriate staff member submits the request through the KUISO online CoE application system.

Note: the applicant cannot make the application request to KUISO themselves.

KUISO sends the applicant the URL to access the online CoE application system.
② KUISO sends the URL to the applicant via email.
③ The applicant accesses the URL, enters the required information, and uploads the required documents. The same procedures must also be completed for all accompanying family members.
④ KUISO prepares the application documents according to the information provided by the applicant.

Note: please be sure to check that the email from KUSIO is not redirected to your spam folder.

2 months prior to arrival
KUISO submits the application documents to the Osaka Regional Immigration Service Bureau
⑤ KUISO sends an email to notify the applicant that their application has been submitted. (Issue of the CoE will take approximately 3–4 weeks.)
1.5 months prior to arrival
Certificate of Eligibility issued
⑥ KUISO receives the CoE from the Osaka Regional Immigration Services Bureau.
⑦ KUISO sends the CoE to the applicant by courier.
⑧ KUISO sends an email to notify the applicant that the CoE has been dispatched.
The applicant uses the Certificate of Eligibility to apply for a visa through the Japanese embassy/consulate in their home country.

anchor3 Points to Note when Applying

The following are some points to note when applying for a Certificate of Eligibility.

How to Apply

  • Applicants cannot directly request KUISO to submit a CoE application on their behalf. Requests can only be made by Kyoto University faculty and staff members.
You must therefore ask your host professor or other appropriate staff member in your department of affiliation to submit a request on your behalf.

Standard Processing Period

  • Certificates of Eligibility are generally issued approximately three weeks after the submission of an application. However, during peak seasons it may take over four weeks for a CoE to be issued.
  • The process may take longer when the submission of additional documents is requested by the Osaka Regional Immigration Services Bureau.

The Validity of the Certificate of Eligibility

  • The Certificate of Eligibility is valid for three months after its date of issue.
  • You must obtain your visa and submit the Certificate of Eligibility at the immigration counter upon arrival in Japan within the period of validity.

Visa Applications

  • The issue of a visa takes approximately five working days (excluding weekends and holidays).
  • If applying for the visa in a country other than your country of nationality, confirmation of eligibility is required. Please contact the Japanese embassy/consulate in advance.