Icon housingOhbaku International House

1. Address and Telephone Number

AddressOhbaku International House,
Kyoto University
Kanyuuchi, Sanbanwari Gokasho, Uji 611-0011

2. Location

The house is located next to the Kyoto University Uji sports field in Uji city, south of Kyoto city. The distance between the House and the Main Campus of the university is approximately 15 km.

3. Facilities

There are 2 buildings (5 stories and 4 stories), both of which are reinforced concrete. The 5- story building consists of units for singles and facilities for common use, while the 4-story building has units for families and couples (opened in March 1999).


Lobby and Hall (1st fl. of building A)7 am – 10 pm
Laundry rooms (1st – 5th fl. of building A)7 am – 10 pm


a. For researchers: 26 units
Type A (1 room, 17 m²) for singles22 units
Type B (1 room, 15 m²) for singles4 units
b. For students: 91 units
Type E (3 rooms, 54 m²) for families3 units
Type F (2 rooms, 35 m²) for married couples4 units
Type F’ (2 rooms, 36 m²) for married couples2 units
Type G (1 room, 17 m²) for singles52 units
Type G’ (1 room, 13 m²) for singles30 units


All rooms are air-conditioned. All units have a hot-water tank, and are furnished with a telephone (connects to internal numbers and can receive calls from outside), internet access(Wireless LAN), electric cooking range, refrigerator, washing machine (only family/couple units), bath, toilet, bed(s), bedding set, and furniture.
For residents in single units, there are common laundry rooms.

4. Rent

Rent which includes water, internet access and bedding must be paid according to the following rates.
Admission fee will be charged ¥11,000 at the beginning of the tenancy together with the rent for the first month.


Unit TypeMonthly Fees (yen)Daily Fees (yen)
Moved-in on or after September 1, 2019Moved-in by August 31, 2019Moved-in on or after September 1, 2019Moved-in by August 31, 2019
Single (A)¥15,400¥14,800¥520¥500
Single (B)¥14,800¥14,200¥500¥480

Note: For researchers arriving or leaving mid-month, the rent for that month is calculated at the daily rate. Rent is subject to change.


Unit TypeMonthly Fees (yen)
Moved-in on or after September 1, 2019Moved-in by August 31, 2019
Family (E)4persons ¥28,7004 persons ¥28,300
3persons ¥26,8003 persons ¥26,400
2persons ¥24,9002 persons ¥24,500
Married Couple (F, F')¥19,800¥19,400
Single (G, G')¥12,400¥12,000

Note: Students must pay the rent on a per-month basis even if they move in or vacate the unit mid-month. Rent is subject to change.

5. Telephones

Telephones are only for connecting to other units within the building and to emergency numbers (police: 110; fire/ambulance: 119). They are also able to receive external calls.

6. Facilities Image

6. Plans of Room Units at Ohbaku International House

7. Surrounding Area

8. Access to Ohbaku International House from Kyoto Station

JR Train

one-way fare : ¥240

Uji obaku route 01