ResidentResident Registration

1. Resident Registration

All foreigners residing over three months in Japan must register their place of Residence at their local City/Ward Office (within 14 days of moving-in.)

*If you do not register within 90 days after arriving or changing the address without legitimate reason, your status of residence may be cancelled.

Required Items

  1. Passport
  2. Residence Card (Not required if the card was not issued at an airport)Resident 01

Change of Address

All foreigners who change the address in Japan must submit a “Notification of Change of Address” to the local City/Ward office to register the new address within 14 days from the date of moving in. Also, you should submit a “ Change of Address “ to the post office so that the post office may forward a mail and a parcel to your new address in Japan for one year.

2. Individual Numbers “My Number” System
(The social security and tax number system)

Since October 2015, the individual numbers called as “My Number” system has started. The individual number will be issued for all foreigners residing over three months in Japan and registered their place of residence. The local municipal offices will send a Notification Card for Individual Numbers for the entire household via simple registered mail. Your Individual Number will serve you for your lifetime. Individual Numbers will be used for application and other procedures related to pension, medical insurance, and taxation. Please be sure to keep your number securely, even after leaving Japan.

Resident 02
InquiryMultilingual Call Center for “My Number” system
TEL0120-0178-26 (toll free)
Hours openMonday to Friday 9:30-20:30
Saturday, Sunday, National holidays 9:30-17:30
(excluding December 29 to January 3)
LanguagesEnglish, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese
ReferenceCabinet Secretariat