Icon visaTo invite family members to Japan

1. Enter Japan to visit relatives for a short-term “Temporary Visitor” visa

A certificate of eligibility is not necessary to obtain a Temporary Visitor visa.
There are many countries/regions with which Japan has bilateral agreements which waive the need to obtain a Temporary Visitor visa for a short-term stay.
Please inquire at the Japanese Embassy/Consulate in your home country about this requirement.

The Ministy of Foreign Affairs of Japan –Guide to Japanese Visas

2.Enter Japan to live with International students/researchers past the duration of The Temporary Visitor visa of your country

The international students/researchers should go the immigration bureau in your region to apply for a “Certificate of Eligibility (Dependent)” on behalf of your family members. After receiving the Certificate of Eligibility for each family member, send them to your family. Your family should the bring the Certificate of Eligibility along with the other necessary documents to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate in their country to apply for the “Dependent” visa.
The eligibility of this certificate must be spouse and children only. For parents or siblings, please refer to the Temporary Visitor visa.

Notice:The International Service Office cannot process family documents once the international student and researcher have already entered Japan.

Required items

  1. Application form for the Certificate of Eligibility for Dependent status[Excel, PDF]  
  2. 1 ID photo (4 x 3cm, taken within 3 months before application) for each family member
  3. A copy of each family member’s passport copy
  4. Original or official copies of certificates such as marriage licenses, birth certificates, and family registers that indicate the relationship between the international student/researcher and each family member
  5. A copy of the front and back of international student’s/researcher’s Residence Card or certificate of Residence
  6. Official documents that show the student’s/researcher’s income or ability to support their family during the entire stay in Japan.
  7. A document showing the student’s/researcher’s position at Kyoto University
    (e.g. a certificate of student registration, a certificate of acceptance/employment)
  8. A self-addressed envelope with 404yen postage attached (those who wish to have the certificate sent back to them)