Icon housingHyakumanben International House (for students only)

1. Hyakumanben International House

Nearest campus
Yoshida campus
Room type
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Icon room type s
Hyakumanben International House,
Kyoto University
1 Yoshidaizumidono-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8301
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The house is located on the west side of the Hyakumanben intersection, 400 m west of the Kyoto University Main Campus.

2. Facilities

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Opens in October 2019. Four-story heavyweight steel building. Comprises house offices, facilities for common use, and single-occupant residential units.


Lounge7 am – 10 pm
Cooking room7 am – 10 pm
Laundry rooms7 am – 10 pm
Shower rooms7 am – 10 pm


For students: 86 units
Icon room type s
Type G (1 room, 10㎡) for single occupants
86 units
BedRefrigeratorAir conditionerWi-Fi
* Please use shared baths and toilets.
* Please use a shared microwave oven.
* Please use the shared coin laundry for washing.


All rooms are air-conditioned. All units are furnished with internet access (Wi-Fi), a refrigerator, bed, bedding (bed pad, sheet, blanket, pillow, and bed cover), desk, and chair.

3. Rent

In addition to the monthly rental fees, an admission fee of 5,500 yen will be charged at the beginning of the tenancy together with the first month’s rent.

Unit TypeMonthly Fees (yen)
Single (G)¥33,500

Note: Student residents must pay their rent on a per-month basis, even if they move in or out of the unit mid-month. Rent fees are subject to change.

4. Other necessary fees

The following fees must be paid in addition to the monthly fees. The fees are subject to change.

  1. Electricity: residents must pay for the amount of electricity that they use, which is calculated according to the individual meter reading for each unit.
  2. Bedding rental fees: 1,500 yen per month (tax-excluded)
  3. Internet access fees: 1,500 yen per month (tax-excluded)

5. Telephones

There are no telephone lines in the facility. During office hours, the house office staff can be contacted via an intercom in each unit. The intercoms at the entrance of the facility connect to each unit.

7. Facilities Image

8. Plans of Room Units at Hyakumanben International House

9. Surrounding Area

10. Access to Hyakumanben International House from Kyoto Station

one-way fare: ¥230

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