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1. Address and Telephone Number

AddressYoshida International House,
Kyoto University
64 Yoshida Nihonmatsu-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501

2. Location

The House is located on the Kyoto University Yoshida-South Campus.

3. Facilities

The building is a 4-storied building of reinforced concrete (opened in April 2013), and consists of house offices, facilities for common use, and units for residents.
The International Service Office and lecture rooms will be on the first floor and the first basement floor.


Lounge (2nd -4th fl.) 7 am – 10 pm
Laundry rooms (2nd -4th fl.)7 am – 10 pm


a. For researchers: 20 units
Type C (2 rooms, 32m²) for married couples4 units
Type D (1 room, 15m²) for singles16 units
b. For students: 49 units
Type G (1 room, 15 m²) for singles49 units


All rooms are air-conditioned. All units have a hot-water tank and are furnished with internet access(Wireless LAN), IH cooking range, refrigerator, microwave-oven (except types D, G), washing machine (except types D, G), bath, toilet, bed(s), bedding set and furniture.
Residents in single units are requested to use the common laundry rooms.

4. Rent

Rent which includes water, internet access and bedding must be paid according to the following rates.
Admission fee will be charged ¥11,000 at the beginning of the tenancy together with the rent for the first month.


Unit TypeMonthly Fees (yen)Daily Fees (yen)
Married Couple (C)¥87,700¥2,930
Single (D)¥53,900¥1,810

Note: For researchers arriving or leaving mid-month, the rent for that month is calculated at the daily rate. Rent is subject to change.


Unit TypeMonthly Fees (yen)
Single (G)¥38,300

Note: Students must pay the rent on a per-month basis even if they move in or vacate the unit mid-month. Rent is subject to change.

5. Telephones

There are no telephone lines in the House. You can talk to the house office staff through the intercom in your unit during the office hours. The intercoms equipped at the entrance of the House link to each unit.

6. Facilities Image

7. Plans of Room Units at Yoshida International House

8. Surrounding Area

9. Access to Yoshida International House from Kyoto Station

one-way fare : ¥230

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