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This page provides information about accommodation for students and researchers offered by public organizations.
Please contact the organizations directly to inquire about the availability of accommodation, or with any other inquiries.

Please Note:
The contents of the organizations’ websites are subject to change without notice.
Please confirm the terms conditions carefully when selecting accommodation and before signing a lease.

1. Mukaijima Gakusei Center

Eligible personsKyoto University international students and researchers
Housing Expenses, Room type, facilities and access
Inquiry and application
*Application shall be made by the professor or the staff of the office which international students or researchers belong to.
Mukaijima Gakusei Center
Office hour : 8:45-17:30 weekdays
Closed : Saturday, Sunday and national holidays
Address : 〒612-8133 104-1 Takaba-cho, Mukaijima, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
TEL : 075-612-8181
FAX : 075-612-8200
Email : gakusei-center@kyoto-jkosha.or.jp
Apartment Lease GuarantorPrivate lease guarantor service is available. Please ask the Mukaijima Gakusei Center staff before or at move-in.

Mukaijma Gakusei Center

Org mukaijima map

2. Kyoto International Student House

Address10 Higashi-machi, Shogoin, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8325
Time Distance10 min. walk from Yoshida. 5 min.
walk from City Bus stop Kumanojinja-mae East of Shogoin.
RoomSingle rooms furnished with a desk, a chair, a bed, a washstand, an air conditioner and a wireless internet etc. Tenants will share a kitchen, refrigerator, toilet, shower and laundry facilities. The room for international researchers is available.
InquiryApplication shall be made by the host professor or the staff of the office of affiliation.
TEL/FAX: 075-771-3648
E-mail: hdb-ofc@m7.dion.ne.jp

Kyoto Int’l Student House

Org kish map

3. Housing of Katagihara (near Katsura Campus)

Eligible personsKyoto University international researchers, faculty staff and students
1. Duration of residence: three months or more
2. An enrollment of fire and personal liability insurance is necessary.
3. A contract with apartment lease guarantors is necessary.
4. Shared room for two people is negotiable.
Housing Expenses, Room type, facilities and access
Inquiry and application
*Application shall be made by the professor or the staff of the office which international students or researchers belong to.
Kyoto University International Service Office
TEL : 075-753-7614
FAX : 075-753-2544
Email : kuiso@mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp
NotePlease check on the room availability or move in date with Kyoto University International Service Office.

Facilities image (renovated in March, 2018)

4. UR Renting House

UR Renting Houses are one type of apartment-style housing and communal residential sites supplied by the Urban Renaissance Agency. Key money, commission fee, renewal fee or a guarantor are not required.

Eligibility1. The documents such as certificate of residence in Japan and certificate of annual income are required.
2. Deposit for 2 months rent is required.
Inquiry (In Japanese)UR Kyoto Housing Information Center
*Inquiry should be made by a person who understands Japanese since contract procedures and documents are written all in Japanese.
Service Hour9:30-18:00
Closed:Wednesday , from December 29 to January 3
Search of vacancy
(Kyoto, Shiga area)
https://www.ur-net.go.jp/chintai/(Japanese only)

The special residential space to universities’ international students and researchers
UR Renting House “Rakusai Shimbayashi”

Kyoto University concluded a framework agreement with the UR Renaissance Agency and has been able to offer the special residential space to the universities’ international students and researchers as follows.
[Application for UR Renting House “Rakusai Shimbayashi” near Katsura Campus]

Eligibility1. The minimum duration of residence is one year.
2. Enrolment for fire insurance is required.
3. Deposit for 1 month rent is required.
4. When contact, the staff of faculty you belong to is requested to be accompanied.
Housing Expenses, Room type, facilities and accessWelcome guide (PDF)
Inquiry (In Japanese)UR Linkage Co., ltd.
Contact Form:https://ssl.form-mailer.jp/fms/80da95d0631588
Service Hour9:30-17:00
Closed:Saturday, Sunday and National holidays
  1. Air conditioner, gas stove, lighting equipment and curtains are available.
  2. Room sharing is acceptable.
  3. When your move-in is decided, you need to ask the International Service office to issue the recommendation letter. The letter would be sent directly to UR Linkage from the service office.

5. Freedom

TEL075-241-0110 (Japanese only)
E-mailinfo@free-d.jp (Japanese or English)